From SEDCOR Fall 2014 Enterprise Magazine:

Amy Doerfler received the 2014-SEDCOR Agribusiness of the Year Award on behalf of  Doerfler Farms.

Doerfler Farms is a large-scale farm near Sublimity that employs 45 full-time employees and an additional 60 during harvest.  They grew grass seed, wheat, and radish seed on 16,000 acres.  Kent, Kevin, and Amy Doerfler run the third-generation integrated operation.

Kent has updated equipment and farming practices.  During the summer harvest, he uses half the equipment than in the past, yet gets the job done in less time.

Kevin has modernized the seed-cleaning, blending, and shipping operations.  In 2007, an automated palletizer was installed to streamline palletizing and reduce the risk of injury.

Amy upgraded office technology and financial organization.  She improved communication with the 160 landowners they work with.

The Doerflers take pride in their employees, who are treated as family.  A key part of the success of their safety program is to get each person involved so employees take ownership.

Since Doerfler Farms was founded they hired local high school and college students to help with harvest.  Many young people have been introduced to the work force and learned a hard work ethic.  The Doerflers give out five scholarships every year to their seasonal employees.